How do I connect my NatureForex account to ZuluTrade?

After receiving your NatureForex ZuluTrade login details via email, you need to change your ZuluTrade account default password, and update it to the same MT5 ZuluTrade password to enable ZuluTrade to connect to your NatureForex MT5 ZuluTrade account.

1. Log in to your account:
2. Go to Account. Click the Password tab.
3. Change your ZuluTrade password into the same MT5 ZuluTrade password you have received upon registration.

After updating your ZuluTrade password, please do the following steps to connect your MT5 account:

1.Go to Settings.
2. Scroll down to Broker Settings.
3. Type in your MT5 ZuluTrade account number in the Broker Account Number field
3. Type in your MT5 ZuluTrade password, in the Broker Account Password field.
4. Click on Connect Broker Account.

Your Account Status should now be Connected to Broker.

If for any reason your account fails to connect, please make sure you have not copied and pasted your MT5 ZuluTrade password to avoid including any unnecessary characters. If the process still fails although you are using the correct password, please contact us via

Note: Please remember that if you ever change your MT5 ZuluTrade Password, connectivity with your ZuluTrade account will be lost, so you will need to repeat this process in order to re-connect your NatureForex account to ZuluTrade using the updated Broker Account Password.

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