How can I control the number of lots and the number of trades a Trader can broadcast in my account?

When logged into your account, go to Settings page.

1. Click the ZuluGuard icon next to the Trader's name

2. Select the Max Open Lots per Trader you wish to specify: this allows you to set the maximum number of total lots you wish to receive from trades of a particular Trader at any one time; if this threshold is reached, any further trades from the particular Trader will not be broadcast to your account before closing one or more of the positions currently open in your Account.

You can do the same to specify the number of "lots"; this pertains to the number of lots to be traded on each individual trade. For example: if you wish each Trader to trade with 2 lots per trade, but wish there to be no more than 2 trades open at a time, you should set max open lots to 4 and the number of lots next to each Traders’ name to 2.

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