What documents are required for account verification?

In order to complete full verify your account, please login your MyPage.

Here are the requirements necessary to verify your account:

ID verification:

  1. Only personal documents can be used.
  2. The following ID types are accepted:
    • Passport
    • National ID card 
    • Driver’s License
    • Voter’s card

Proof of Address

  1. It must be a legal and traceable document (e.g. scanned papers, official PDF downloads, etc.) showing your full name and residential address. Example of an appropriate document includes utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement.
  2. The address must be your current physical residential address (no older than 90 days). 
  3. Your document should be in English (Latin letters).
  4. Your document must be in full color and must not be cropped.
  5. Address on the document must match with the address you registered in your Nature Forex account.


  1. A picture of yourself holding your valid ID and a handwritten note saying today's date and the name Nature Forex.
  2. Selfie should be in a photo format and not a scanned picture.


Your signature should appear on the verified documents such as: valid ID, credit card (at the back) or your bank statement.


Important notes:

  • All files uploaded should be original. No editing is allowed.
  • All files should be clearly visible, high quality, JPEG format, all information should be readable, should not be covered by any passport covers or other objects. 
  • File size should be less than 3mb 
  • Data on the document should match entered data in the form.
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