Why are my documents rejected?

There are several reasons why your verification may be denied:

  1. The photo you submitted is unreadable or low in quality.
  2. You uploaded an incorrect document or image format.
  3. ID was uploaded as a Selfie and/or vice versa.
  4. Expired ID
  5. Provided documents do not belong to the account holder.
  6. Proof of address is older than 90 days or does not indicate an address on the document
  7. A trace of editing or photo manipulation was detected
  8. Selfie is an uploaded picture of a scanned photo
  9. Incomplete selfie (no photo ID or no handwritten note)
  10. Documents are written in non-Latin characters

If any of your documents were denied, please make sure to follow the requirements and re-submit the correct document. 

For any question or issue, please contact us via Live Chat or at Support@Natureforex.com 

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