What is rollover?

At the end of each business day at 5PM (EST), NatureForex will automatically rollover or swap, all existing open positions into the next spot settlement date. NatureForex will debit or credit a client's account, depending on the interest rate differential between the base currency and the counter currency; and the direction of a client's position. If the client, for example, is long a currency pair—where the overnight rate for the base currency is higher than the rate for the counter currency—a client will earn a small credit for positions held overnight. If the opposite is true, a client account will be debited for the difference in the interest rate differential. The fundamental reason for this is: should a client be long on a higher yielding currency, the client should benefit from being able to invest and earn a higher return overnight than what the client has to pay for being short the lower yielding currency.

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Competitive Spreads;High Leverage; No dealing desk - No requotes; No deposit fee;Scalping and Hedging are allowed; Stable trading platform and so much more other promotions

Risk disclosure

Forex trading is exciting yet involves a certain level of risk. Therefore, make sure you are aware of and understand well such important terms and conditions as “Privacy Policy”, “Margin Requirements” and so on